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Lufft introduces laser-based snow depth sensor SHM31

What makes the innovative SHM31 different from its predecessor, the SHM30?

Some new features of the Lufft SHM31 snow depth sensor include, in particular, the different communication interfaces, which make the sensor fully compatible with Lufft's UMB standards. In addition, the sensor has an integrated window heater for the entry and exit points for the laser beam, as well as an in-built protractor for simple assembly. 

The sensor is fitted with the RS232, RD485 and SDI-12 communication interfaces. Two of these can be used in parallel. The amount of energy required has been reduced - despite the expanded, two-stage heating function. This latter feature ensures that measurements are not affected by even the most extreme weather conditions such as snowstorms or sudden cold spells.

Laser-based technology

The snow-depth sensor is based on an opto-electronic laser distance-measuring tool, and works with a visible measuring beam that is easy to configure. It recognises layers of snow of up to 15 metres on natural, diffusely reflective surfaces. Measurements are accurate down to a few millimetres. Additionally, the integrated evaluation of signal intensity enables reflectivity to be assessed, and the base surface to be differentiated from the snow.

Its optical measurement principle is not affected by temperature fluctuations, and, in conjunction with improved accuracy, has an advantage over traditional ultrasonic sensors. The way the intelligent sensor operates can even compensate for temporary impairments of the measuring process as a result of precipitation.

Maintenance-free operation

Thanks to the robust casing, with IP68 certification, and the SHM31's intelligent operating principle, no maintenance is required. Consequently, there is no need to replace drying agents or perform regular calibrations. However, Lufft does offer a set of measuring plates to enable you to verify the quality of measurements in the field.

The top features of the SHM31 at a glance:

  • Measurement of snow depths over large distances (16 m)
  • Accurate to a few millimetres
  • Various heating functions
  • Long-life laser diode
  • High-quality measurement data in all weather conditions
  • Compact and weather-proof housing
  • Maintenance-free operation

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