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LumaSense introduces the m920 Series Semiconductor OEM module


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"Cost effective, high performance fiber optic temperature sensing module designed for high accuracy Etching and Wafer Fab processes"

Santa Clara (CA) -- LumaSense Technologies, Inc. introduces introduces the m924 (4-channel) and m922 (2-channel) Semiconductor OEM Modules, designed for Electrostatic Chuck, Chamber, and other device temperature monitoring during Etching and Wafer Fabrication processes.

The LumaSense solution provides advanced and reliable temperature monitoring up to 330 °C. The new m924 Semiconductor OEM module sampling rate is five times faster than most other modules or converters, and provides +/- 0.1C high accuracy measurements with a wide range of industry specific communication capabilities. These combined features provide users with better and more accurate temperature measurements to improve process control. “This new product provides temperature monitoring for smaller linewidth devices at higher and wider temperature ranges with significantly faster sampling rates needed in semiconductor wafer process measurements,” explained Sam Ojeda, Fiber Optic Temperature (FOT) Product Manager. 

The m920 Series Semiconductor OEM system is based on the LumaSense Luxtron® brand of Fluoroptic® probes and fiber optic extensions. This unique and long-standing Fluoroptic sensing technology lends itself well to variation in probe construction and is easily customized for OEMs.

The LumaSense solution consists of the m920 Series Semiconductor OEM modules, contact and non-contact fiber optic probes, and cable extensions.  The Company also provides experienced technical application engineering support and can customize fiber optic probes for your application. The solution also offers tremendous flexibility with the mix and match probe design, minimizing costs and error of matching probes to modules and channels. The new OEM modules are backwards compatible for Luxtron m822 or m602/604 units, probes, and cables, allowing for a seamless upgrade.

With more than 25 years of experience and thousands of systems installed worldwide, the Luxtron brand has become the most trustworthy source for fiber optic temperature measurements. LumaSense semiconductor customers are known to experience low failure rates and better yields using their highly accurate solutions.  Unlike competitors who are unable to meet the high-performance and reliability standards of Etching and Wafer Fabrication processes, LumaSense solutions are designed with a proven reliability history, custom probe capabilities, and high performance needed in demanding semiconductor processes.

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