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LumaSense offering webinar on Automated Thermal Imaging for Remote Substation Monitoring


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"Attendees can learn more about automated, remote thermal imaging to assist them in implementing condition-based maintenance."

Santa Clara (CA) -- LumaSense Technologies, Inc. will host a complimentary webinar “Automated Thermal Imaging for Remote Substation Monitoring” to share knowledge on how others in the industry are deploying remote thermal imaging systems for automated monitoring of critical assets at remote locations.

Most utilities have initiatives and investments to adopt condition-based maintenance (CBM) and thermography is a well-proven technique for monitoring conditions and detecting faults in electrical equipment. Portable thermal imaging cameras are a helpful tool but lack practicality and scalability for CBM since the inspections are periodic and expensive. Data is often imprecise and there is a shortage of effective tools and resources to analyze the data.

Advancements in thermography allow this monitoring to be done remotely and automated thus enabling utilities to better realize CBM.  Typical systems include infrared cameras for measuring equipment to monitor for electrical faults and degradation and software that enables the cameras to autonomously survey and measure assets within view. Collected data can then be sent to remote monitoring and diagnostic centers for further analysis.

Lenny Shaver, webinar host and LumaSense Senior Direct of Product Management, says, “This webinar will help attendees understand how thermal imaging is helpful for monitoring substations with examples of how this is currently being implemented at different locations.” Attendees will also learn about typical assets to monitor, benefits of using thermal imaging to monitor and manage assets, and components of a typical camera system.

LumaSense invites industry professionals to join us on September 26th at 1:00 PM EST/10:00 AM PST to learn how to implement thermal imaging for monitoring substation assets.

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