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Lumasense releases industry’s most comprehensive, lowest cost dissolved gas analyzer to protect transformers


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Santa Clara, Calif -- LumaSense Technologies, Inc. today released SmartDGA Guide, the third addition to its portfolio of dissolved-gas analysis (DGA) technology that helps electric utilities augment condition-based maintenance for transformer and load tap changer (LTC) fleets. SmartDGA Guide is a comprehensive DGA monitoring system that can monitor all nine gases used in DGA analysis, in addition to moisture. Combined with analytical software, this approach paints a more-accurate picture for substation operators who are charged with identifying potential issues before they lead to problems that impact power grid reliability.

Additionally, SmartDGA Guide features optional integration with LumaSense’s line of LumaSMART fiber optics technology that directly measures winding hot-spot temperatures within transformers. This allows utilities to monitor the two most-important elements that can predict transformer failures – temperature and gas.

“Easier diagnostics is the key to condition-based maintenance, and SmartDGA Guide represents the industry’s most-comprehensive approach with the easiest user interface to bring that concept to reality,” said Vivek Joshi, CEO of LumaSense Technologies. “We’ve said before that the smart grid will only be as reliable as the health of its transformer assets. SmartDGA provides the reliable look inside the transformer to give substation managers the information they need to act decisively before a problem occurs.”

LumaSense’s SmartDGA line also includes its Gauge and Guard instruments, which are designed to monitor dissolved gas within transformer load-tap changers (LTCs) and transformers themselves, respectively. SmartDGA Guide is the most-comprehensive of these modular offerings, which feature uniquely shaped designs that dramatically reduce installation time from days to hours. The entire line uses proven non-dispersive infrared technology (NDIR) to track gases, and is up to 50-percent less expensive than comparable solutions.

SmartDGA also represents the power industry’s lowest total cost of ownership, which allows utilities to reduce their asset monitoring budgets and capital expenditures while achieving widespread deployment across their transformer fleets – something that was previously unattainable.

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