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Lumex Instruments Receive the Pittcon Today Excellence Award


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March 20, 2019 – Philadelphia, USA. Lumex Instruments is honoured to inform that their innovative real-time qPCR system AriaDNA brought them silver for Excellence in Instrumentation from Pittcon Today Excellence Awards.

AriaDNA real-time qPCR provides fast and easy-to-use microchip-based nucleic acid analysis. The patented technology shortens analysis time threefold. Analysis cost is also significantly reduced. All this is done without compromising the sensitivity and reproducibility, in a miniaturized design. The innovation was pre-qualified under the ‘Build in Canada Innovation Program’ (BCIP).

The high-speed real-time qPCR on a microchip opens a new era for tests in industries where PCR was not a common method before due to its complexity and high investment requirements. The microchip real-time PCR-based tests of plants and animals provide very sensitive, specific, and fast detection of pathogens in crops, animals, poultry, fish, and in agricultural products at low running cost. Due to the early detection of pathogens, it will minimize the use of pesticides and antibiotic drugs improving the quality of the products and life of farmed animals. Also, some pathogens being zoonotic are considered to be a major threat to public health. In addition to the improvement of the economic status of farmers and animal growers, this technology would also help to maintain public health and improve the effectiveness of quarantine measures.

Application areas include:

  • Clinical and laboratory services for medical, veterinary and phytopathogen diagnostics;
  • Quality control services for food manufacturing, customs control and biological safety;
  • Virus and bacteria diagnostics;
  •  STD diagnostics.

In all these industries, it is extremely important to obtain accurate results, reduce analysis costs and labour costs to ensure more thorough control of various health-related aspects in agriculture, food industry, and medicine. AriaDNA with microchips provides reliable and fast means for such control, helping to improve overall health in population.

The Pittcon Today Excellence Awards are premier business awards recognizing ingenuity and innovation at the world’s leading conference and exposition for laboratory science.

Entries were judged by an independent blue-chip panel of experts from academia and leading industry publications. Judges evaluated entries based on ingenuity, creativity, implementation, and outcomes. The principal criterion was the projected impact the product will have on the industry and the world.

About Lumex Instruments

For almost 30 years Lumex Instruments has been developing and manufacturing laboratory and industrial analytical equipment, instruments, and procedures. We offer both traditional and new ingenious solutions, unique technologies and classical equipment, well-established reliable applications, and innovative methods. Our products include Capillary Electrophoresis systems, PCR analyzers, Atomic Absorption spectrometers (including mercury analyzers and monitors), FTIR and FRNIR Spectrometers, Fluorimeters, and more.

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