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LuminUltra Extends its Technologies to the Bioprocessing Sector


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In order to advance the state of technologies for assessment of microorganisms in bio-processing applications, such as wastewater & biosolids treatment, ethanol production, and biogas generation, LuminUltra Technologies Ltd., of Fredericton, has recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with New Brunswick’s Centre of Excellence in Agricultural and Biotechnological Sciences (CESAB) of the province’s Community College network.

The tools available to assess biological health, activity, performance and metabolic properties are very limited for anaerobic fermentation processes. Since, 2004, LuminUltra has commercialized a successful test kit technology to monitor living biomass quality in real-time through measurement of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), the common energy carrier for all forms of life. Whereas in the past, biological processes have been run using a combination of inferential parameters and qualitative ‘operator intuition’, these new techniques from LuminUltra enable fully quantitative measurement of biomass.

Through a combination of this advanced technology from LuminUltra, and knowledge of the bioprocessing sector held by CESAB, the partners will make advances in establishing new performance indicators that will allow for significant increases in process performance. The partners will also work to develop new monitoring technologies that provide additional benefit in the measurement of activity, health, and type of microorganisms. As part of this effort, the partners would welcome inquiries from the bioprocessing sector to apply these new technologies and processes at existing facilities to improve operational stability and cost-efficiency.

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