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LuminUltra Teams up with a New Distributor!


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LuminUltra Technologies, Ltd. is pleased to announce that it has acquired a new European distributor! AQUA-tools, a company based in Paris, France, has acquired the rights to distribute LuminUltra’s products in the European market as well as Africa and the Middle East as of December, 2006. “We are extremely excited about AQUA-tools expanding our presence to these far-reaching markets,” said Pat Whalen, LuminUltra’s Director of Technical Services. “AQUA-tools shares the same vision as LuminUltra in that we both strongly believe that an effective microbiological control program for any water application requires accurate and rapid monitoring techniques. Having better quality information leads to superior control, resulting in lower operating costs and fewer public health risks.”

AQUA-tools is excited to bring sales and support expertise for LuminUltra’s products to the other side of the Atlantic Ocean! The CEO of AQUA-tools, Mr. Marc Raymond, brings many years of experience in the microbiological monitoring and control field to the marketing, sales, and support of LuminUltra’s Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) based test kits. AQUA-tools will service all applications in these regions, including cooling water, industrial process water, sanitary wastewater, and biological wastewater treatment.

LuminUltra’s ATP test kits represent a revolutionary advancement in the ability to quickly and accurately measure total microbiological activity in any water or wastewater sample. Using this unique technology, results of microbiological tests are available within minutes instead of days. Furthermore, because of several built-in advantages over competing test kits, LuminUltra’s products provide the most accurate indicator of total biological population that is available on the market today. “This helps municipal and industrial operators to improve management of microbiological disinfection programs and gives wastewater treatment operators a whole new set of possibilities to stabilize and continuously improve their process,” said Mr. Whalen.

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