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M/F Norrøna - passengere ferri from Faroe Islands got a Oil Conveyor


Source: Faroe Maritime Technic (FMT)

By treating there contaminated Bilge Water, Smyril Line saves the environment.

After trying it for 3 months, they desisted to bay The Oil Conveyor -- “M/S Norrøna is very satisfied with their Oil Conveyor


In January 2012, M/S Norrøna chose to install an Oil Conveyor into their 40 m3 large clean bilge tk.

M/S Norrøna is operating on heavy fuel 380 and sail the rough seas around the Faroe Islands, Iceland and Denmark. But these conditions have not prevented the Oil Conveyor in removing heavy oil from the bilgewater.

Norrøna has already experience great improvements in the handling of their bilgewater and the oily/water separator pumps unimpeded overboard, saving lots of man hours on maintenance.

Also has been observed, that the water content in the waste oil, has been reduced from 30-60% down to 3-5%, giving M/S Norrøna opportunity to deliver the waste oil ashore without cost.

Smyril Line and M/S Norrøna, has thus taken a major step toward saving the marine environment and sharpening their green profile”


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