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eFACTOR3, headquartered in Charlotte North Carolina, is a complete solutions provider of recycling and waste-to-energy equipment. e3 offers a wide range of machines for the recycling industry including shredding, cleaning, granulating and extruding equipment.

Use M&J Pre-Shredders to Increase Efficiency

M&J (Metso Denmark) has been providing tough, reliable machines since 1857. From the nimble 1000s to the giant 6000s, M&J has a shredder to fit every application and industry. By reducing all C&D waste to a uniform size, line operators are able to more easily identify and sort the materials being recycled, decreasing your land fill fees and increasing your profit.

Advantages of the M&J shredders

  1. The patented open cutting table design has no screens or breaker bars to slow down the processing and let in damaging sand, dirt, or gravel – while the large in-feed hopper allows the processing of even the bulkiest object without pre-breaking.
  2. Able to cut in both directions, the design of the M&J cutting table eliminates the need for hydraulic pushers or feed rolls and continues to shred even when backing up or processing difficult materials like mattress springs and carpet rolls.
  3. Mobile and stationary options available since most M&J shredders can be equipped with wheels or tracks for mobility, on site processing becomes a more flexible, convenient process.
  4. Both hydraulically driven independent shafts are powered separately, increasing the amount of material that can be processed and allowing for tailored shred programs for different materials.
  5. Low speed high torque ensures lower wear and significant power savings*, making this machine one of the most economical shredders on the market. And because the independent shafts spin at a low speed, this reduces both the risk of material thrown back out of the machine as well as environmental noise.

Used Machines and Systems

This demo unit is ideally suited for film and fiber applications. With only 100 hours of operation it’s a great machine for a great price and is equipped with a lift up screen and many other options.

  • Demo unit with approximately 100 hours of operation
  • 75 kW (100hp)
  • Single shaft equipped with E-rotor

Complete Two Stage System
A complete two stage shredding and granulating system that was built in 2006 and only run for 3,000 hours has come up for sale and we are ready to disassemble and deliver anywhere in the US. The system includes:

  • Infeed conveyor for shredder
  • Single shaft shredder, WEIMA model WLK-15
  • Shredder discharge and granulator infeed conveyor
  • Metal detection and separation equipment
  • Granulator, MPG Model GP-1256HB
  • Granulator evacuation and conveying system from Kice Industries

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