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Jan 20, 2012 -- Solid Applied Technologies (SolidAT) recently added partner web page listing some of its supporting M2M/SCADA partners. These partners are companies providing remote monitoring software. Each of the partners integrated transmitted GaugerGSM messages into its software, allowing remote level monitoring applications in areas such as water, wastewater, sewers, fuel / diesel tanks, agriculture (animal food) and more.

The web page is intended for both customers of GaugerGSM seeking for a web based central software and for providers of remote monitoring software who would like to offer their software. Providers of remote monitoring software are guided through a 5-step process allowing them to become a SolidAT partner. The process is supported by simple documentation and simulators.

GaugerGSM transmits periodic GPRS messages to central monitoring software, providing level, volume, flow and temperature data from the field. In addition, GaugerGSM transmits real-time alerts in case of events such as overflow, flooding conditions, empty tanks and more. Remote monitoring software is expected to present the data and in some cases forward alerts by mail or SMS.

Enter this new web page by clicking or start from the home page, select the solution tab and then the M2M/Scada partners tab.


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