M3V announces on-site personal chemical inventory services


Indianapolis, IN. -- M3V Data Management, LLC is pleased to announce that they are offering comprehensive chemical inventory services. Upon request, M3V will send specialists to facilities anywhere in the U.S. or Canada to perform a detailed wall to wall inventory of chemicals and build a database containing all the chemicals and associated MSDS’s.

According to M3V Data Management Vice President Ross Olsby “Many of our clients use our MSDS software to provide OSHA Employee Right‐to‐Know access, CANOSH compliance and to aid in SARA Tier II reporting requirements or assist with Canadian Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System requirements. However, software and MSDS Management services are only as good as the data entered into them. This allows our clients to be confident that every chemical in their facility is represented with a current and accurate MSDS document.”

Upon completion of the physical chemical inventory, M3V will deliver a spreadsheet or a complete electronic database with a list of chemical names, manufacturer names, quantities on hand and location/department. When requested, M3V will then contact the chemical manufacturer and obtain a current MSDS and upload it into their world class web based software application MSDS Explorer and/or deliver backup CD’s to the client with the MSDSs included. If desired, M3V will also bring high speed scanners to a clients’ location to scan and archive all existing or outdated MSDS records.

M3V Data Management has been offering web based chemical inventory and MSDS software for MSDS Management and SARA Tier II reporting to the EH&S community for 9 years. In addition to MSDS Management, M3V also offers software to track environmental health and safety tasks and requirements with automated and escalated e‐mail reminders if a task has not been started and a deadline is approaching.

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