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MA DEP mercury regulations


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Name & Citation of Regulation(s)

Collection, Recycling, Labeling and Sales Ban of Mercury-added Products; and Disposal Prohibition of Mercury-added Products in Solid Waste–310 CMR 19.00 (amended), 74.00 (amended), 75.00 (amended), 76.00 (added).

Brief Explanation and Rationale for Changes

Signed into law in July 2006, the “Massachusetts Mercury Management Act” is designed to keep mercury out of our trash and wastewater, where it is released into the environment. MassDEP is implementing this law in two phases. The Phase 1 regulations (promulgated on December 28, 2007) banned the sale of mercury-added products in Massachusetts unless the manufacturer registers the product with an interstate clearinghouse and establishes a collection program for the end-of-life products, banned schools from buying mercury-containing products, required auto manufacturers to collect and recycle mercury switches from “end of life” vehicles, required manufacturers of mercury containing lamps to educate consumers about mercury hazards and the requirement to recycle discarded lamps and to report on lamp recycling to MassDEP.

The Phase 2 regulations (promulgated on August 21, 2009) ban the sale in Massachusetts of specific mercury-added products, establish a procedure for manufacturers to apply for an exemption from the sales ban, and establish labeling requirements for mercury-added products that are sold in Massachusetts. The regulations also prohibit disposal of any mercury-added product in solid waste.

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