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Macaulay Institute chooses Enviro Technology’s Picarro for their international research

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Leading Aberdeen based land-use research centre the Macaulay Institute has purchased two Picarro isotopic CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) analysers from Enviro Technology for its world-wide research programme.

The analysers are being used for the Institute’s field campaigns, which look at the 13C isotope content of CO2 which leaves the soil surface. By measuring  the 13C content researchers can tell more about where the CO2 comes from, whether it is new carbon respired by plant rootsor older carbon associated with the turnover of soil organic matter – this distinction can have important implications for the global carbon cycle.

The use of these analysers has revolutionised the way the Institute has collected, stored and analysed data during these campaigns.  Dr Andy Midwood from the Macaulay Institute explains: “During previous campaigns we collected literally hundreds of gas samples in small vials then shipped them back to Aberdeen for analysis. On more than one occasion there have been problems and we lost valuable information due to leakages or faults.

Now with the Picarro's we analyse as we go. We can see how the data looks, make changes to our measurement criteria and generally make sure the experiments go as planned. This is only possible because the Picarro is so portable, in terms of size, power consumption and ease of operation.”

Duncan Mounsor from Enviro Technology said: “We are delighted that the Picarro analysers have been so well received by the Macaulay Institute.

In recent years we have expanded our range of quality specialist gaseous and particulate systems for scientific and research applications. We have noticed a need for more high tech, as well as portable equipment as it is often transported around the world.”

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