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Maclean choose the Scarab M6 Road Sweeper for El Teniente in Chile


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Near the city of Rancagua in Central Chile is El Teniente which is believed to be the World’s largest underground mine. Located around 2300m above sea level in the Chilean Andes, the Mine produces in the region of 1000 tonnes of Copper per day.

As with any facility of this size and with this much traffic, it is essential to maintain the cleanliness of the infrastructure and this is the responsibility of Maclean, a service contractor who have built a strong relationship with the mine over 20 years.

Rodrigo Peña and Juan Silva of General Trade’s sales team on a recent visit were informed by Luis Fuenzalida, Chief of Operations at Maclean that “The Scarab M6 is the perfect choice of machine for the sites access ways”

Miguel Badilla and one other driver have been operating the machine 6 days a week for six months. The M6 is fitted with Dual Sweep and High pressure pump and was mounted onto a Ford Cargo chassis by General Trade in Santiago.

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