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MACPRESSE @ EXPOSUCATA, San Paolo Brazil, 18-20 August 2015


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EXPOSUCATA, the most important event in Latin America Latina for professionals, machinery manufacturers and service providers in the waste recycling industy, opens its doors from 18 to 20 August in San Paolo.

This 10th unmissable edition offers five simultaneous events, with a focus on the management of recyclable materials:

  • MERCOAPARA for recycling paper
  • RECICLAPLAST for recycling plastic
  • RCDEXPO for recycling construction materials
  • EXPOLIXO for recycling solid urban and industrial waste
  • MERCOHYDRO for water treatment.

EXPOSUCATA provides the opportunity to meet and network with all those who intend to invest in the waste sector at an industrial level, present the most important technological innovations in the sector or discover first-hand the performance of the machinery on display.

We look forward to meeting you in San Paolo with our partner SARNO Representações Comerciais!

MACPRESSE: the revolution in waste processing and transfer technologies

Our “L” series baling presses innovate the traditional process for transferring solid urban waste to landfill, allowing an optimisation of the transport costs and the lifecycle of the landfill.

The “L” series presses:

  • compact municipal solid waste (MSW), equivalent waste and all recyclable materials;
  • speed up the bale production process, thanks to the fast compaction cycle;
  • reduce pollution of the environment. The waste is bundled and wrapped in resistant; plastic film which isolates the material, preventing dispersion of percolates;
  • produce large bales (1100 x 1100 mm) with a weight of more than 2.5 tons each.

The bales prepared and tied allow:

  • The transport costs to be reduced, as they are perfect for normal trucks, trains and ships, without the need to use “special” means of transport.
  • The life cycle of the landfill to be prolonged.
  • The management costs to be reduced, thanks to a more rational use of the spaces.

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