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MACPRESSE @GLOBAL CEMFUELS, Prague, Czech Republic, 22-23 February 2016


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The Global CemFuels Conference and Exhibition opens its doors in Prague on 22 and 23 February 2016.

It is the world’s most important annual conference specialised in alternative fuels for the cement and lime industry, attracting delegates from more than 30 countries every year.

The theme is strategic: coal is still the most commonly used fuel in the cement industry, satisfying approximately 90% of the energy requirements in this sector (source:

This is a very important and unique occasion: more than 200 suppliers and firms operating in the sector will be present at the Global CemFuels Conference for you to meet and to evaluate their new energy supply systems.

It is an event not to be missed for whoever provides alternative solutions to fossil fuels.

Macpresse will be present, together with our agent, Mutsaerts International, to present our RDF (refuse derived fuel) balers and our system for baling with plastic wire, which is particularly suitable in the alternative energy sector.

Come to see us at Stand 36!

Maximum reduction of percolates with the top quality MAC balers

Macpresse has designed a special range of balers, the MAC 112 XL with a 200 ton thrust, in which the compaction and braking cycles reduce to a maximum the percentage of percolates and the organic fraction from the waste.

The percolates can then be used in anaerobic digestion plants for electricity production and the remaining fraction, once compacted, can be used as RDF.

Also, by using the MAC system for wrapping fuel from waste, it is possible to obtain a plant capacity of up to 80 ton/h, on a double baling and wrapping line.

Greater efficiency and cost savings with the Poly Tie system patented by Macpresse

The baling system using plastic wire patented by Macpresse is particularly suitable for baling RDF and it allows a considerable cost saving to be achieved across the entire process:

  • lower procurement costs: polyester wire costs less than steel wire
  • reduction in costs linked to waste incineration: polyester does not produce residue and ash
  • optimisation of spaces: reels of plastic wire occupy less space than those for steel wire
  • faster process: polyester wire reels weigh less than steel wire reels, so require less time for changing or adding another reel
  • more efficient storage: polyester does not corrode, it is resistant and does not break even if subjected to considerable mechanical stresses, so it allows the waste bales to be stored outdoors and for a long period of time

Here you can see an example of Macpresse solutions designed for baling RDF with plastic wire:

To learn more about our RDF balers and biomass production, .visit our YouTube channel.

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