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MACPRESSE@IFAT, Munich, 30 May-3 June 2016


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30 May, Munich. IFAT, the world’s leading fair trade on environmental technology, opens its door and celebrates its 50th anniversary.

The previous edition in 2014 attracted over 3,000 exhibitors from 59 countries and over 135,000 visitors from 168 countries, with an exhibition space of 230,000 square meters.

IFAT is not only a strategic event. It is also an innovative and unique meeting point for pioneers in environmental technology committed to water treatment as well as raw materials and waste processing. Our common goal is: protect our planet and its resources for the Future Generations.

This is the venue for the most important companies of this sector to present their technological solutions for the future.

That’s why we have decided to present our new MAC/2 series in world preview here.

We are waiting for you at IFAT with our Mac Service, at the booth HALL C1.451/550!

Seies MAC/2, multi-material balers for recyclables

In 2001 we launched the MAC/1 waste baler series, which has become a benchmark on the market for over 15 years. Today at IFAT, we will present the brand-new MAC/2 series, with even more performance than the previous one to meet all requirements of a steadily developing sector.

A series conceived as a result of a synergy with customers and partners all over the world. We listened to them and thus designed the best tailored solutions that led us to give birth to the new MAC/2 series.

The new range of balers conceived by Macpresse designers:


The MAC/2 series is greatly versatile, you just have to replace the blades to bale different materials with the same machine:

- plastic

- paper

- biomass


This feature makes it suitable for plants which have to manage great quantities of different types of waste, optimizing costs: one baler for all of them.


Improvements in the design, the automation and especially in the routine and non-routine maintenance make the new series even more efficient:

+ 10 % of thrust and strength

+ 12 % of useful load

+ 30% in duration and accessibility

+ 20 % of structural resistance

- 10% assembly time

- 20% maintenance time

MAC/2 balers have larger load dimensions to assist entry of very voluminous materials and a XL channel: longer extrusion channel (+1.5 m) for better bale density.


A new online ordering system makes it even easier for customers to directly place orders for spare parts.

Click here for further information about the new MAC/2 series…

At IFAT with the new MAC/2 series to find the new technological solutions that will save our planet

Today, more than ever before, the technological progress can play a crucial role for the safeguard of the Earth and offer good reasons to:

- behave in a more virtuous way encouraging waste sorting

- always find newer solutions for the recycling and recovery of raw materials

- design energy-efficient systems

- produce plants enabling manufacturing processes to become more efficient

- design eco-friendly and biocompatible packaging materials

That’s the logic of the circular economy.

IFAT will welcome all key players involved in the transition from the linear economy to the circular economy. We will be among them to contribute positively to our planet with our new MAC/2 series.

Credits video “Re-thinking Progress: The Circular Economy”: Ellen MacArthur Foundation

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