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Macpresse@Pollutec, Lyon, 29th November - 2nd December 2016


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POLLUTEC 2016, tone of the biggest environmental innovation exhibitions, is opening its doors for the 27th time from 29th November until 2nd December in Lyon. As France’s premier event in the industry since 1978, it has achieved international recognition for its innovations in the field of environmental services and technologies.

We wouldn’t miss it for the world! We shall be in Lyon with our agent M.a.c. Environnement, to showcase our MAC 107 and the brand new MAC 110/2 live, as well as the MAC 108 and 106 designed for recycling and sorting plastic materials and paper.

Come visit us at Stand 225, Hall: 3, Aisle: E

POLLUTEC 2016, three reasons to be there

  • 100,000 square metres of pure innovation: the most environmentally innovative companies in the industry brought together under the same roof to present their state-of-the-art products and services. Macpresse will be exhibiting our MAC 107 and offering a sneak preview of our MAC 110/2.
  • 5 key focus areas for the sustainability of the planet:  sustainable city, sustainable and future industry, aquatic environments and coastlines, agriculture and hospital and sustainable development.
  • More than 200 innovative solutions: Pollutec showcases more than 200 innovative environmental solutions every year, underlining its status as the world’s premier event in this field.

We know the French market well thanks to M.a.c. Environnement

Pollutec is the leading platform for innovation in the industry. Being there gives us the chance to show our customers and commercial partners that at Macpresse, the development of increasingly efficient and customised solutions is a business choice to be pursued day after day. However, this would not be possible without the constant support and feedback offered by our regional partners, who know the country, its legislation and its environmental choices.

Thanks to our partner M.a.c. Environment, our representative in France with whom we have been working for many years, we know the French market inside out: with high expectations when it comes to product innovations and a desire to implement the best technologies, seen as vital in achieving ever-greater performance for their state-of-the-art recycling and sorting systems. The French sorting facilities are at the forefront of innovation and form an extensive network.

For these systems, we have selected the best balers from the MAC range, specifically designed to treat and bale plastic materials and paper: the MAC 106MAC 107, MAC 108 and the brand new MAC 110/2.

With our balers, you can:

  • easily switch from one material to another and still produce an optimal bale size and shape and enhanced bale density for storage and lorry freight
  • save energy and system management costs, as well as manpower, transport and procurement costs

MAC 107: in action at Pollutec!

The MAC 107 balers are equipped with a large loading hopper designed to take significant quantities of material, all types of waste paper and plastic containers made of various materials (HDPE, PET, plastic film, etc.).

They offer a high level of working flexibility, guaranteeing up to a 20% reduction in plastic wire use. As with every MAC baler, they are designed to optimise management costs and freight volumes, with the size and shape of the bale produced being ideal for freight by lorry, shipping container or rail.

As well as the baler, our stand at Pollutec will also feature a mixed plastic bale produced by the MAC 107 (80x110X160 cm), a bale of car bumpers and a coloured PET bale produced by the MAC 110/2 (110x110x160). Test their robustness with your own two hands and see for yourself just how compact and easy they are to stack and transport!

MAC 110/2: the latest offering from Macpresse

The MAC/2 is our series of multi-material balers for recyclables. Simply switch the blades to bale different materials with the same baler: plastic, paper, biomass and refuse derived fuel (RDF).

The latest series includes the following new features:

  • larger loading hopper (200 cm) to accommodate even bigger materials
  • XL channel: the extended extrusion channel (+1.5 m) ensures improved bale density
  • new electromechanical tying system, which ties the bales with either plastic or iron wire and is 50% faster per tying cycle

Our stand at Pollutec will feature a dense and compact bale produced by the MAC 110/2 measuring 110x110x160 cm.

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