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MACPRESSE @ RWM, Birmingham UK, 15-17 September 2015


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RWM is one of the most important events in Europe for the recycling industryand the management of resources. Three days of meetings, roundtables, case studies and presentations open to professionals and firms working in the industry, dealing with the regeneration and recycling of waste materials, and also the new methods for “considering” and processing waste.

This year, RWM will also be promoting and consider thoroughly the circular economy model and the series of decisions and measures being undertaken by the EU Commission in order to facilitate transition towards sustainability of the system.
This is a model recognised by MACPRESSE, as it is based on the sameprinciples on which our mission is based and the systems we design for our Customers:

  • rational waste selection;
  • increasing the value and the management of secondary raw materials;
  • processing of new energy sources;
  • constant optimisation, control and recovery of waste sorting areas.

This year’s RWM Exhibition will be an important opportunity to meet, together with our partner R.C.P. SA, professionals, firms and representatives from the entire industry to analyse the technological solutions and case histories which we have set up for the resources management and recovering secondary raw materials.
You will also be able to witness first-hand the performance of our baling presses designed for the production of refuse derived fuel.

From 15 to 17 September: RWM 2015 Hall – Halls 4 & 5, Stand 4L21!

You can follow the latest R.C.P. SA / Macpresse updates online by consulting the dedicated area on the RWM exhibition website.

The circular economy and the new life cycle of the resources

The circular economy is a new economic model based on the concept that materials used by man can be categorised into two flow types: biological materials, which can be reintegrated into the biosphere; technical materials, which are to be re-used without entering the biosphere. The circular economy is a system in which all the activities, starting from the extraction and production, are organised in such a way that somebody’s waste becomes someone else’s resource.

The circular economy differs from the linear economy in which the lifecycle of a product or a material ends after its use and it becomes waste, thus restarting the economic chain based on the same path: extraction, production, consumption, disposal.

The EU Commission has opened an international consultation to identify the best solutions and proposals aimed at determining the principles and guidelines for positioning the sustainability of the system at the centre; a system in which there are no waste products and in which the materials are constantly recycled and reused.

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