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Macrotek Awarded Major European Air Pollution Control Contract


Source: Macrotek Inc.

Europe -- Macrotek Inc., a global provider of air pollution control technologies, announced receipt of a major gas cleanup system contract for an overseas installation. The scrubber system will remove H2S from the off-gas of a transportable waste incinerator.

The air pollution control system includes Macrotek’s advanced venturi scrubber, aglomerator, absorber, and separator systems. The systems’ compact design and rugged construction make it easily integrated into a standard container for transportation.

Performance of the system will be designed to meet the European Union’s latest and most stringent limits.

This is the sixth system of its kind Macrotek is supplying for similar applications.

The contract was awarded in July and the project is scheduled for completion by the end of 2016.

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With more than 80 years of experience, Macrotek Inc. offers a variety of air pollution control systems to suite a broad range of environmental requirements. Using some of the most innovative and effective technologies available in the industry, Macrotek provides cost-efficient applications for industrial air purification. For more information about Macrotek, visit the company’s website at

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