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Macrotek Offers Innovative H2S Scrubbing Process


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Markham, ON -- Air pollution control provider Macrotek Inc. is offering SULFCAT™, its innovative scrubbing process for industrial gases, to its worldwide clients. This H2S scrubbing technology can be used for a wide range of applications in a variety of industries.  

Macrotek’s advanced, regenerative, H2S removal process is a ground-breaking suite of technologies that scrub in a novel, cost-effective and efficient way. The SULFCAT™ technology has been developed to eliminate hydrogen sulfide (H2S), a major contaminant in many industrial applications. The process uses a regenerative reagent, drastically reducing consumption and operating costs. It also converts H2S into its elemental form of sulphur, eliminating the current need to treat sulphate by-product in wastewater streams. 

 “We are proud to offer this advanced technology to the marketplace,” says Macrotek President, Peter Ristevski.  “We believe SULFCAT™ will make a significant impact to the industry and we are eager to pass its benefits along to our clients.”

The technology can be used for applications such as gasification, wastewater treatment, petroleum refining, and other areas where efficient removal of H2S is required. 

For details on specific applications, please contact Macrotek.

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