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MACT compliance turnkey solutions offered by Rev1 and APEX; The two industry leaders are first to market with total service


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HOUSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- With the Dec. 16 effective date looming for tough new federal requirements for maximum available control technology (MACT), the Air Quality Services division of Rev1 Power Services announces a partnership with Apex Instruments Corp. to offer the power industry's first turnkey solution for measuring, monitoring and controlling stack pollutants, including mercury, particulate monitoring, continuous emission monitoring system and hydrochloric acid.

The two firms are the first to market with a total, turnkey solutions package that can guarantee full MACT compliance to meet the tough new EPA standards.

Given its experience, Rev1 (www.rev1ps.com) will uniquely be able to offer utilities, power generators, boiler operators and the cement industry a turnkey integration solution for air quality monitoring systems in a market that is dominated by a product family provided by Apex Instruments (www.apexinst.com).

“Major engineering and architecture firms will not likely enter the market because the typical project is too small and too specialized, and the environmental manager at the typical utility will find in-sourcing the project much too complicated and expensive versus the one-stop solution that Rev1 can offer,” commented Kimmy Martin, Director of Services for Rev1.

Continuous monitoring systems require highly sensitive analyzers that are many orders of magnitude more sensitive than trap systems, as they read real-time mercury output on a minute-by-minute basis. They are also much more expensive, require an inordinate amount of maintenance, and are sometimes unreliable.

“Apex has provided and installed 160 of these units. With 160 of these units already installed out there in the industry, the data shows that the industry is trending toward the sorbent trap method,” Martin said.

Apex is also the exclusive distributor for a British manufacturer, PCME, for main stack PM CEMS. Rev1 and Apex expect to sell a large number of the PM Cems for the estimated 1,000+ sources requiring monitoring over the next three years.

Rev 1 also has the MKS FTIR analyzer for measuring HCL. Measuring of HCL will be required once the final rule has been released.

For more information, please contact Trey Steinmann, Sales and Marketing or Brandon Martin, Field Service Manager at their Spring, TX location at 281-288-4940.



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