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Made in MN: Creative custom stainless steel fabrication


One of the unique aspects of our business is the ability to work with innovators in many different industries to design and develop custom stainless steel fabrication projects.

We work with a wide variety of companies throughout Minnesota and across the country. With almost 30 years in the custom fabrication business, we draw ideas from an extensive pool of experience when we receive customization requests.

A Food Processing Industry Case Study

One interesting custom stainless steel fabrication project came to us from a customer in the food processing industry. Our client needed a large bin that could not only hold food ingredients, but allow for easy unloading. This was a unique request as the entire bin had to meet USDA food grade standards for the finish, as well as for the construction. Additionally, this was no small project; the final dimensions measured twenty-four feet in length and nine feet in both height and width.

Industrial Stainless Steel Food Bin

Our AnswerOur team worked to design and develop a bin that met our client’s exact standards and requirements. We built the square skeleton frame with a set of specially designed tabs. These tabs were used to connect and hold the stainless steel panels across the inside of the bin.

We then used TIG welding methods to secure each panel and completely seal all of the interior joints. Each weld was then ground flush with the surface, and the entire fabricated bin was then finished to meet food grade standards. To top off the requirements for the client, we also developed a customized conveyor let that was made of anodized aluminum to unload the bin easily and efficiently.

No matter how large or small your custom stainless steel fabrication need, our team at Astro Engineering & Manufacturing is equipped to design and build the ideal part or component to meet your specific requirements.

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