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Maersk Supply Service - Reduce Oily Sludge by 60 % or more.


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Sludge Dewatering Separators - for Australian and Brazilan Waters

Maersk Supply Service - shows us once again trust - and order 5 SDS units to Supply Vessels operating in Australia and Brazil.
Prices for treatment of Sludge varies from place to place - Australia and Brazil has some of the highest prices for handlig of Slude.

SDS helps to improve the economics of operating in these waters.

We at Faroe Maritime Technic provide at total solution on treating Oily Sludge and contaminated Oily Water.

In first hand our products - The Sludge Dewatering Separator and The Oil Conveyor are developed to the marine industry. But the same need is also on Power plants on shore. All Oily driven Power plants have these same need for treating Oily Sludge.

Short introduction of our products.

The Sludge Dewatering Separator treats the Oily Sludge, by separating the water out of the Oily Sludge and turn it into water and Waist Oil. In average the water content of Oily Sludge, generated from purifiers, are more than 50%. So here is a possibility of reducing the vSludge volume by 50%. In most countries you have to pay for delivering of Oily Sludge. But it is free to deliver Waist Oil – in some places you even get money for delivering Waist Oil.

The Oil Conveyor - treats the contaminated Bilge Water by skimming the oil from the surface. The skim´ed oil is pumped into at special designed Settling tube, for final treatment.

In the marine environment The Oil Conveyor helps the Oily Water Separator ( OWS )to function without problems, because The Oil Conveyor cleans the Bilge Water before it is pumped through the OWS.

On shore plants – The Oil Conveyor pre-cleans the waist water, so the filter consumption is kept to at acceptable level.

For more information, please go to our website www.fmt.fo or our Facebook profile – Faroemaritimetechnic.

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