MagCAT solves tough scale problems


Fluid Dynamics International has launched MagCAT, which uses powerful magnets that are encased in poleheads manufactured out of the same metal that is used for the catalytic core of Fluid Dynamics' Colloid-A-Tron. The calcium carbonate particles which are formed when hard water is heated remain in suspension after this magnetic treatment instead of precipitating as scale on pipework and heat transfer surfaces. It also gradually removes existing scale.

Alier Paper, a leading Spanish paper mill, was adding three tonnes a day of carbon dioxide to their water system to prevent scaling of their vacuum pumps but with limited success. In January 2010 the company installed a 150mm diameter MagCAT in the feed line to their vacuum pumps. The cautious chief engineer reduced the carbon dioxide injection slowly over a three month period, and the vacuum pumps now operate with no treatment other than the MagCAT. The savings in carbon dioxide paid back the investment of the MagCAT in just five months.

In keeping with Fluid Dynamics' ideology, the MagCat uses no power, has no consumable parts, requires no maintenance and is simple to install.

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