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Magflux Flow Sensors – Precision Flow Control for Pipes Sizes from 2 to 2000 mm


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icenta has expanded its selection of in-line magnetic flow sensors with dedicated flow transmitters that can be supplied remotely or as a compact unit.

The Magflow meter offers a number of advantages which make it one of the most popular options for velocity flow measurement:
• No moving parts with nothing projecting into the flow stream
• Good accuracy (0.5 to 1%)
• Virtually no pressure drop
• Can be used in pipes of almost any size
• Can handle flows with high level of solids
• Support a variety of liners for specific applications eg sanitary liners for hygienic applications, inert liners for corrosive liquids
• Insensitive to fluid viscosity, specific gravity, temperature and pressure (within certain limitations)
• Will work with laminar, turbulent, and transitional flows
• Relatively short straight-run requirements

Magflux F5
Magnetic Flow Sensor for Low Flow Volumes down to 3 l/h

Particularly suitable for measuring the flow of extremely small quantities, especially in dosing, proportioning and batching systems.

• Lowest measuring ranges: 5 - 110 l/h with constant field or 3 - 110 l/h with alternating field
• Inside diameter (metering tube): 2 – 12 mm
• Very low minimum conductivity: 10 μS/cm with constant field or 0.1 μS/cm with alternating field

Magflux S
Light Weight yet High Performance Magmeter for Pipe Sizes from DN15 to DN100

An extremely robust design with a compact, lightweight construction, the Magflow S can be installed in plastic pipes without the need for reinforcement.

• Extremely compact and light-weight design
• Suitable for installation in plastic or steel pipes
• No additional earthing required
• Choice of PVC or PVDF liner

Magflux A
Rugged Process Flow Sensor with a Flow Transmitter Supplied Separately or as a Compact Unit

A solid, welded steel, precision flow sensor with dedicated flow transmitter for industrial applications, including media such as sludge, pulp and paste.

• Pipe sizes from DN15 up to DN2000 available
• Pressure up to 250 bar
• Choice of liner materials: hard rubber, soft rubber, PTFE, specials on request
• Various connection types and materials available
For a complete flow meter, Magflux flow sensors must be combined with a Magflux M1 flow transmitter, either mounted remotely or directly on the sensor (remote option only for Magflux F5).

Magflux M1
Smart Flow Transmitter for use with Magflux Flow Sensors

A microprocessor controlled, programmable flow transmitter for liquids with a minimum conductivity of 3 μS/cm and flow velocities up to 10 m/s.

• High-speed signal processing by 16-bit microcontroller
• Easy navigation with optional display for flow volume & velocity and keypad
• Analog output (0/4-20 mA with HART option) and digital outputs (pulse, device status, limit, frequency)
• Internal simulation for all output values

Further information on the complete range of Magflux magnetic flow meters and transmitters is available at

Whatever the application, icenta can offer the right solution from a range of flow technologies and flow meter manufacturers.  For more information please contact:

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