Magnaplast HT-PP system: much better now!


Regular checks carried out during the production ensure that even the most minor fluctuations in  quality are recognise immediately.

Quality features:

  • Technical terms of delivery: Pipes and fittings meet the requirements in DIN EN 1451 and DIN 19560-10
  • Quality requirement: According to DIN 8078
  • Material features: Polypropylene (PP) highly heat-stabilised according to DIN 8078, flame resistant acc. to DIN 4102 B 1. Material with highest grade of quality made by well-known raw material producers

Design features:

  • Pipes are marked with a durable and indelible identification: black  script with producer, dimension, date of production and EAN Barcode.
  • Centimetre marks on every pipe

New Physical features:

  • Chemical resistance: Pipes and fittings are resistant to waste water (pH 2 to pH 12), in special cases follow DIN 8078 supplement 1
  • Hot water resistant: Temporary up to 110° degrees.
  • Flame-resistant: Flame-resistant according to DIN 4102 B 1, easy fire protection.
  • Noise protection: Noise protection certified by Fraunhofer Institut in Stuttgart according to DIN EN 14366: 26 dB (noise protection level II) installation with standart steel clamps with rubber core (4 liter per second)

NewsFurther outstanding features:

  • Approval for central vacuum cleaner system from DN 32 up to DN 160 
  • New modified composition
  • Radon tightness
  • Fire-retarding sealing for diagonal wall duct and above socke

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