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MagneGas® Releases Dramatic Gas Stability Video


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Graphic Detonation Video Created by Former Military Special Forces, Demonstrates the Stability of MagneGas® versus Acetylene

TAMPA, Fla. -- MagneGas Corporation ('MagneGas' or the 'Company') (NASDAQ: MNGA), a technology company that counts among its inventions a patented process that converts liquid waste into a hydrogen-based fuel, announced today that the Company released an independently produced video demonstrating the stability of MagneGas2®.

In order to clearly demonstrate the stability of MagneGas2® as compared to Acetylene, MagneGas Corporation contracted with the independent company Operator LLC, run by former Military Operations Special Forces, who worked with local police and fire officials to shoot 50 caliber incendiary rounds into a cylinder of Acetylene and a cylinder of MagneGas2®.

Acetylene, while commonly used, is one of the most dangerous industrial gases available on the market due to its unstable chemical composition and heavier than air characteristics. MagneGas2® has been independently tested to be a stable compressed gas and has lighter than air characteristics making it safer than acetylene.

As expected, the acetylene cylinder erupted into flames and burned for over 10 minutes emitting a black soot while the MagneGas2® cylinder was vented with no ignition even though it too was pierced with an incendiary round.

'Following months of planning and safety reviews with Scott Neil at Operator LLC, a former Special Operations Forces, along with other subject matter experts back in early April, MagneGas completed a gas stability test with dramatic results,' commented Ermanno Santilli, CEO of MagneGas Corporation 'We are pleased to be able to graphically demonstrate the superiority of MagneGas2 vs. acetylene and we will continue with third party validation of these claims.'

The video can be viewed at the following link:

The MagneGas IR App is now available for free in Apple's App Store for the iPhone or iPad and at Google Play for Android mobile devices.

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About MagneGas Corporation:
Founded in 2007, Tampa-based MagneGas Corporation (NASDAQ: MNGA) is a technology Company that counts among its inventions, a patented process that converts liquid waste into hydrogen based fuels. The Company currently sells MagneGas® into the metal working market as a replacement to acetylene. It is also selling equipment for the sterilization of bio-contaminated liquid waste for various industrial and agricultural markets. In addition, the Company is developing a variety of ancillary uses for MagneGas® fuels utilizing its high flame temperature for co-combustion of hydrocarbon fuels and other advanced applications. For more information on MagneGas®, please visit the Company's website at

About Operator LLC:
Operator LLC leverages the mystique and well-justified image of the 'best-of-the-best' that surrounds Special Operations Forces (Green Beret, Navy SEAL, Army Ranger, and MARSOC). Operator provides best in class service, support, product lines and consulting services to a global industry and commercial audience, with the motto 'Fear None.' One of the company's event arms, Shooting With SOF, hosts a unique series of special shooting events throughout the year benefiting several Special Operations Forces charities, including the Green Beret Foundation.

Scott Neil is Chief Executive Officer. He is a 25-year veteran of the Special Forces, better known as the Green Berets. Scott served in the 5th Legion with multiple deployments to the Middle East to conduct a full spectrum of special operations. Following 9/11 Scott was one of the first to deploy into Afghanistan and led multiple combat operations as the Master Assaulter for the region's Commander's In Extremist Forces and again into Iraq and the Horn of Africa. In 2006, Scott was selected to become the first Senior Enlisted Advisor to the Director of US Special Operations Command's Interagency Task Force (IATF) at MacDill AFB, FL as well as the Operational Advisor to the Director of Science and Technology for US Special Operation Command and retired from that position.

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