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Magnetic Separator Technology Minimizes Compressor Downtime


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Removing Buffer Gas Contamination will reduce Seal Failure

Magnetic separator technology is the key to minimizing compressor downtime. Over 80% of centrifugal gas compressors manufactured today are equipped with dry gas seals. Dry gas seals are a non-contact seal with a running gap between the primary and mating seal rings of approximately 3 to 4 microns. Buffer gas is used as a sealing and working fluid for the running gap and any contaminants carried into the seals very narrow running gap and can cause degradation to the seals performance and eventually failure of the seal. Contamination know as “Black Powder” is one of the most damaging, chemical analyses of the material have revealed that it consists mainly of a mixture of iron oxides and iron sulfides.

Black powder is a solid contamination in finished product pipelines. Black powder collects in gas piping that is mostly mill scale, flash rust from hydro-test water, post internal pipeline corrosion, and could be carryover from gas gathering lines. The material may be wet and have a tar-like appearance, or dry and be a very fine powder, sometimes like smoke.

Black powder can cause a range of problems, including product contamination, erosion wear in compressors, instrument and filter clogging and equipment contamination for product consumer, erosion and sealing problems for valves, and flow reduction. Achieving the level of filtration with needed with the use of traditional filters is cumbersome and costly.

'To minimize compressor downtime it is imperative to remove black powder from buffer gas before it can cause damage to the seal” says Roger Simonson, President of One Eye Industries Inc. “Without proper filtration, the result is increased downtime and massive operational loss. Investing in filtration will improve up-time and reduce maintenance costs”

The removal of the black powder contamination from buffer gas will significantly reduce seal damage and may act as a monitoring tool for scheduling maintenance. Focusing on filtration will improve product purity and quality which will significantly increase value. Application of magnetic separator technology on compressors will improve product quality, production costs and reduce premature wear on process equipment.

“Our systems are designed to remove black powder ranging from 100+ microns to submicron sizes” says Simonson. “Protecting seals from contamination should be the primary focus in order to keep your compressor running.”

The Black Powder Magnetic Separator System:
Developed by One Eye Industries Inc, the system was designed to be a solution to compressor failure caused by black powder contamination in seals. Utilizing rare earth technology, OEI’s patented magnetic design, enables highly efficient separation of ferrous and in many applications non-ferrous particles (due to static adhesion) in buffer gas. The design creates multiple powerful compressed magnetic fields that en-circle the magnetic separator element. This technology has enabled for a larger and stronger magnetic field surface area that projects three times further than traditional magnetic fields significantly increasing separation efficiency. The Magnetic Separator elements operate at full strength up to 300°F (150°C) and are highly resistant to vibration and offer over 10 years of service life.

Black Powder Magnetic Separator System Highlights:

• Minimal flow restriction
• Enhances traditional filters
• Reusable
• Positive return on investment
• Environmentally friendly and HSE compliant (Health, Safety and Environmental Management System)
• Extends component life
• Easily cleaned
• Protects bearings, seals, injectors and pumps
• Can be used to schedule/predict maintenance service

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