Markland Specialty Engineering Ltd.

Maintain Your Concentration!

with Markland's Suspended Solids Density Meter

This non-intrusive ultrasonic meter provides real-time continuous %SS readings of sludge/silt/RAS concentrations in pipes, tanks and clarifiers, and automates sludge removal. It allows users to program underflow pumps to shut off before bio-solids or feed-solids density becomes too thin, and also helps in optimizing dosing and equipment variables for enhanced de-watering. Readings are unaffected by the colour of particulates or fluid. The sensor sends out a pulse of sound and, when the solution is clear, receives a strong echo and reads zero. With particles present, the echo amplitude is reduced, and the meter measures the percentage of suspended solids. These readings enable calculation of mass flow rate. This process control instrument is simple to install, calibrate and clean. A throw-in style probe is also available.