Maintenance and Operation Guideline of Center less Type CNC Internal Grinding Machine

Nowadays, CNC machines are used widely in machinery manufacturing. Centerless Type CNC Internal Grinding Machines are specifically designed for various high precision bearing parts. Our CNC machines are designed with least requirement on operation and maintenance. However, it’s still very important to follow some basic guidelines to ensure the highest work efficiency and longest service life.
About machine
1. We find it necessary to lubricate machines. In the operating temperatures below 50℃, when the dust under less favorable environments, replaced once a year, when the oil temperature reaches 100℃, three months or less to be replaced every time.
2. To stay away from anything with water, if you poured water into the machine, it maybe cause a short circuit. Don’t wheel wear scrub round with a hard object?
3. Due to acidic substances will corrode machine, please note away from acidic substances.
About people
1. Because it is very noisy the machine and there will be dust at work, so please take with good protection tools work. When the machine is working, please wear overalls, safety shoes, and wear a helmet and goggles, gloves does not allow the operation of CNC machine tools, is also allowed to tie a neckwear.
2. When the wheel at high speed please keep your finger away the wheel to prevent your finger injury.
3. When using these machines to do in strict accordance with the rules, because the safety is the first and the most important.
About environment
1. To keep the inside of the machine dry. When access to power, the machine should be switched on the main power, and then turn CNC power.
2. Before the machine in operation, the operating instructions should describe the procedure to check all the control functions are normal, after the exclusion of the work if there are problems.
For some mechanical equipment maintenance can also play a role in the production of avoiding accidents. An equipment maintenance infrequently, it very easy due to damage caused by a major part of local production accidents.

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