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Major East Coast Utility Expands Relationship with Comverge for Residential Demand Response


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Comverge, Inc., a leading provider of cloud-based demand response and energy efficiency solutions for electric utilities, has announced a new five-year contract with a major east coast utility to provide field services, customer service and marketing to support the utility's residential demand response program.

The utility launched the air conditioning cycling program in 2010 and has since enrolled more than 100,000 residential customers. The program provides the utility a valuable resource in helping ensure grid reliability during extreme weather conditions. The Comverge IntelliSOURCE Enterprise demand response management systems provides the foundation for the program by enabling utilities to build customized control strategies based on specific system requirements to allow precise delivery of execution for control events.

The utility will take advantage of IntelliSOURCE Enterprise integrated modules IntelliSOURCE-Acquire for participant enrollment and recruitment and IntelliSOURCE-Work for field services operations, call center support, work order management, and inventory management. By utilizing IntelliSOURCE Enterprise for the full scope of program delivery, Comverge notes that the utility will benefit from having all important customer data in one system.

'We are thrilled that Comverge was selected to take over field service and customer service operations for their residential demand response program,' said Dave Neal, Chief Operating Officer, Comverge. 'This new contract represents a growing trend where electric utilities are looking to one vendor to manage an entire demand response program to ensure seamless data coordination across the program and an optimal customer experience. We look forward to continuing our work and delivering a demand response program that meets their operational needs.'

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