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Major global brands tell why they put their trust in Metrohm


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Mutual trust is at the heart of years, in some cases even decades, of personal relationships between Metrohm and many customers representing global brands from all kinds of industries. In a selection of short videos, some of these customers tell, how Metrohm has met their demand for custom solutions to challenges they faced in their laboratory. The videos can be watched on


While Metrohm instruments are known for their unique ruggedness and reliability all over the world, Metrohm customers  unisono mention the quality of the Metrohm service and support. With regional Metohm support centers in Brazil, Singapore, South Africa, the United Arab Emirates and Austria and with their own subsidiaries in more than 40 countries and exclusive representations in another 40 countries, Metrohm provides unparalleled service and application know-how to their customers wherever they are.

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