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Major pellets supplier wants to grow more


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With annual production of 460,000 tonnes of pellets, Graanul Invest is one of the world’s biggest pellets producers. But the company, which is based in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, isn’t satisfied yet:

“We see exciting growth markets in places like the UK and southern Europe,” says Graanul Invest board member Rain Silivask. “So we’re preparing to increase our capacity by adding two new production plants in Lithuania and one in the US. Together they will increase our capacity by another 320,000 tonnes.”

To Graanul Invest, World Bioenergy 2010 is a key meeting place:
“We meet both customers and suppliers here,” says Raul Kirjanen, who manages international sales for Graanul Invest. “This is where we can present our own innovations and monitor the trends.”
Scandinavia and especially Sweden are currently important markets for the company’s products.
“Sweden has the highest per capita usage of wood pellets, but I think there will be challengers to that title within a few years,” Kirjanen says.

Contact network invaluable

Graanul Invest has grown rapidly since it was founded in 2003.
“We’ve done a lot of product development,” Rain Silivask says. “As a result, in 2009 we also began supplying biofuel. The widespread network of contacts we’ve built up for pellets production in terms of obtaining raw materials and also logistics is a huge help to us when we investigate new product areas.
“We ship most of our products from the harbours of Tallin, Paldiski, Pärnu and Riga. We have large terminals there and can create efficient logistics flows for all of Europe.”
The two men’s message at World Bioenergy 2010 is clear:
“Wood pellets are here to stay – they’re a type of fuel that will always be a good alternative, whether it’s a big industry or a private homeowner who wants to develop their heating system,” Silivask concludes.

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