Major premiere of the WLK 1000 plastic shredder with powerful hydraulic drive


Source: WEIMA

In time for FAKUMA 2015 in Friedrichshafen visitors can look forward to the plastic recycling highlight. WEIMA Maschinenbau GmbH will be showcasing its new WLK 1000 single-shaft shredder featuring a hydraulic drive for the first time. The unit is suitable for shredding thermoplastics, such as PE, PP, PVC, PS, PU and PET, but also the most diverse duroplastic and elastomer types. Even large-volume hollow bodies, long pipes as well as profiles, solid metal and other production waste can be shredded using the WEIMA WLK 1000.

WEIMA WLK 1000 single-shaft shredder with 22 kW hydraulic drive

Shredding is a basic requirement for recycling plastic of any type. The better and more homogeneous the input material has been shredded, the easier it is to then produce high-quality recycled material as part of downstream process steps, such as extrusion.

Hydraulic drive ensures material flexibility and robustness

The WEIMA WLK 1000 shredder most of all scores high with its robust hydraulic drive that produces an output of 22 kW. It allows to significantly boost the energy efficiency per ton of material. Despite its comparatively low kW output it still demonstrates high torque values that are also available permanently. The unit also offers users maximum flexibility. Even material changes are no longer an issue as the rotor speed can be adapted continuously. The machine can permanently operate at capacity. 

The hydraulically driven shredder also scores excellent marks in combination with cutting mills or extruders. The rotor features precision controls. Consequently, the electric motor need not be switched off, even at rotor speeds of zero. As a result, the stop-and-go automatic mode of downstream production machines can be applied more efficiently, causing less wear on components. 

WEIMA hydraulic drives are also characterized by extremely high levels of reliability as a result of their simple structure and fast response times. Secure and quickly triggering overload protection is also achieved by installing a pressure limiting valve and by simply reversing the direction of rotation. 

The different WEIMA WLK 1000 shredder equipment specifications guarantee optimum adaptation to any application case. Options to boost the throughput, such as the V rotor with Supercut die clearance adjustment, produce first rate plastics shredding results. WLK shredders can be filled using a conveying belt, a forklift or even manually.


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