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Make Sure Your Lab is Lean with a New Checklist from METTLER TOLEDO


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Many people don't know that similar principles can help them gain important efficiencies in the lab. As part of the 2016 e-calendar of free gifts, download the METTLER TOLEDO Lean Lab Checklist to help make the most of staff, reduce processing redundancies, and work smarter, not harder.

The successful implementation of 'lean manufacturing' in various fields has inspired many businesses to adopt this model in their laboratories as well. However, laboratories have different challenges compared to manufacturing environments.

In order to provide a way to gain the many benefits of lean operations in the lab, METTLER TOLEDO has developed the Lean Lab Checklist. This checklist will help users gain an overview of their current status and recognize where leaner processes might make sense.

The checklist is divided into improvement areas including housekeeping, workload development, workflows, performance management, equipment, and lab personnel skills. Defining and structuring these aspects of lab life can help users develop more controlled laboratory processes for more consistent and predictable performance.

Lean lab benefits can include significantly increased productivity, reduced lead times, lowered costs, improved 'right first time', and a better understanding of capacity and resource requirements. Individual operators become more empowered to make a difference and a culture of continuous improvement evolves.

Operational changes prompted by the checklist can be initiated in small steps, module-by-module. Download the Lean Lab checklist here and see how an organization can sustain business benefits drawing on new and innovative ideas to support more effective and streamlined lab processing so users can work smarter, not harder.

Users will also gain access to 'Tips and Tricks' that will help avoid weighing errors and a webinar to help eliminate the negative effects of static and drafts on weighing processes.

Future installments of METTLER TOLEDO's 2016 eCalendar will help further optimize labs.

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