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Making Noise Measurement Simple with the Optimus Red Sound Level Meters


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See how simple a noise measurement can be with the Optimus Red Sound Level Meters from Cirrus

30th May 2014 -- Sound Level Meters are increasingly sophisticated and this can often make them difficult to use. 

The Cirrus Optimus sound level meters have been specifically designed to be simple to use whilst giving you all of the parameters that you need to make an effective noise measurement.

Every function in the instrument measured at the same time so there's no risk of choosing the wrong setting or selecting the wrong measurement range.

The Optimus Red instruments are ideal for occupational noise and industrial hygiene measurements including the 2005 Control of Noise at Work Regulations and the requirements of OSHA for occupational noise.

Parameters such as LAeq, LEP,d, Peak(C) and the Projected Noise Exposure are recorded and stored along with a noise profile or time history across the whole measurement period.

In our new video, we’ll look at the steps needed to make a quick measurement with an Optimus Red Sound Level Meter and we’ll show you how to view the measurements parameters as well as how to record your notes using the VoiceTag function.

View the video on our YouTube Channel or in high definition on our Vimeo channel.

To find out more about the Optimus Red Sound Level Meters and how they can help make your noise measurements simple, contact us and we'll be pleased to offer advice, recommend a suitable instrument and provide you with a quote.

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