Malaysia Beer Market Insights 2010


Malaysia Beer Market Insights 2010

Canadean’s 2010 Malaysia Beer Market Insights report provides a comprehensive view of the industry structure, latest industry developments and trends within this market. Comprising of textual analysis and data tables, the report includes comprehensive analysis of the market including legislation and taxation information and a detailed overview of current and emerging trends. The report looks at the structure of the beer industry, with profiles of the leading players. Comprehensive market segmentation data (by price segment; by alcoholic strength; by local segmentation; and by beer type) is backed up by market valuation and pricing data, including selected consumer beer prices. A detailed analysis of all major domestic and imported brands is provided, including a review of new product activity in 2009. Distribution channels (on- vs off-premise) are analysed and packaging trends including beer consumption by pack material, type, size, and refillable vs non-refillable are also included.

Table Of contents 


 Canadean Malaysia Beer Market Insights Report 2010 

Executive Summary

Section 1 Market Context

Market Environment
The Consumer Palate
All Commercial Beverages
Legislation and Taxation


Table 1.1.1 – Population Size and Growth, 1982-2012F
Table 1.2 – Economic Indicators, 2001-2011F
Table 1.3 – Average Monthly Temperatures (Bangkok) 2005-2009


Table 1.5.1 – Taxation Base
Table 1.5.2 – Historical Excise Rates of Beer
Table 1.5.3 – Legal Controls on Beer
Table 1.5.4 – Tax Burden on Beer @ 5% Abv, 2009

Section 2 Market Background Briefing


Table – Beer Definitions by Type – Local Segmentation
Table – Beer Definitions by Type – Standard Price Segmentation
Table – Beer Definitions by Type – Alcoholic Strength
Table – Beer Definitions by Type – Speciality Beer
Table – Beer Definitions by Type – Local, National and International

Section 3 Market Update

Key Facts

Current and Emerging Trends
Imports and Exports


Table 3.1 – Top Ten Beer Brands, Volume, 2007-2009
Table 3.2 – Top Ten International Premium and Superpremium Beer Brands, Volume, 2007-2009
Table 3.3 – Licensed Brand Owners and Licensees
Brand Analysis
Private Label/Private Label Producers
New Products Activity 2009


Chart – Leading Brewers/Importers, 2009

Chart – Beer Consumption by Pack Material/Type, 2009
Packaging Trends

Chart – Beer Distribution by Channel, 2009
Chart – Beer Consumption by Price Segment, 2009
Market Valuation and Pricing
Distribution Trends

Table 3.4.1 – Outlet Universe For Beer – Number/% Share, 2005-2009
Table 3.4.2 – Outlet Universe For Beer by Turnover – Numbers/% Share, 2005-2009
Table 3.7 – Leading Retail Groups For Beer – Number, 2008-2009
Table 3.7.1 – Leading Retail Groups For Beer 2009
Table 3.8 – Leading Importers and Distributors, 2009
Table 3.10.1 – Selected Consumer Beer Prices: Off-Premise, 2008-2010
Table 3.10.2 – Selected Consumer Beer Prices: On-Premise, 2008-2010


Commercial Beverage Consumption Per Capita, Litres, 1999-2010F
Commercial Beverage Consumption Per Capita, % Share, 1999-2010F
Commercial Beverage Consumption Per Capita, Growth, 1999-2010F
Commercial Beverage Consumption, Million Litres, 1999-2010F
Alcoholic Beverage Consumption Per Capita – Litres of Pure Alcohol (LPA) Per Capita, 1999-2010F
Beer Production/Trade/Consumption, Volume, 1999-2010F
Beer Production/Trade/Consumption, Growth, 1999-2010F
Consumption of FABs and Cider, 1999-2010F
Beer Imports by Main Country, 2006-2010F
Beer Exports by Main Country, 2006-2010F
Beer Market Valuation, 2008-2010F
Beer Consumption by Type – Local Definition, 2006-2010F
Beer Consumption by Type – Standard Price Segmentation, 2006-2010F
Beer Consumption by Type – Alcoholic Strength, 2006-2010F
Beer Consumption by Type, 2006-2010F
Beer Consumption by Type – Geographic Scope, 2006-2010F
All Trademarks by Local Operator, 2005-2009
Beer Brands by Local Definition, 2005-2009
Beer Brands by Standard Price Segmentation, 2005-2009
Beer Brands by Alcoholic Strength, 2005-2009
Beer Brands by Type, 2005-2009
Imported Beer Brands by Origin, 2005-2009
Licensed Beer Brands, 2005-2009
Beer Trademark Owners, 2005-2009
Beer Local Operators, 2005-2009
Leading Brewers/Importers, 2005-2009
Beer Consumption by Pack Type/Size, 2006-2010F
Beer Distribution by Channel – Off-Premise v On-Premise, 2006-2010F

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