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Malaysia’s mining sector did not suffer to the extent as other Asian mining industries during the global economic crisis of 2008 and 2009. As such, we feel the industry is relatively well positioned for further growth over our newly-extended forecast period to 2014.

Malaysia is home to significant refiners and smelters, such as Malaysia Smelting Corporation, which is the world’s third-largest supplier of tin. At the current time, there is a chance that both Vale and Rio Tinto will announce major inward investments into Malaysia later in 2010. Vale is considering the construction of a major iron ore production and distribution hub in Perak, while Rio Tinto is considering whether to build a bauxite smelter in Sarowak. If both projects are approved, it would bode very well for the future development of the Malaysian mining sector.

New Data

For 2010, BMI has made significant changes to the way in which we forecast mining data. As well as using local statistics agencies and associations, we now also draw on the expertise of the UN’s Industrial Commodity Statistics Database, the US Geological Survey and the World Bureau of Metal Statistics for our historical export and production data. We then forecast this data using our own proprietary econometric model. Human intervention also plays a necessary and desirable role in our mining forecasting: experience, expertise and knowledge of industry trends and developments ensure that we can spot likely future changes and anomalous data that a purely mechanical model would not.

Country Overview

Malaysia is home to reserves of bauxite, coal, gold, iron ore and tin, among other minerals. However, the country still needs to import many metals and other mineral resources to meet domestic needs. The government has been taking steps in recent years to prioritise the development of the domestic mining industry, unveiling its second National Minerals Policy in February 2009.

Industry Forecast

We believe the Malaysian mining sector only showed a slight contraction (in the order of -1.2%) during 2009. Against this backdrop, the sector is well positioned for further growth over our newly-extended forecast to 2014.

Production of several key mineral commodities should increase, provided new investment projects proceed as planned, with the exception of tin, whose domestic reserves have been largely exhausted and whose production levels therefore look likely to continue to fall over our forecast period.

Executive Summary

SWOT Analysis

Malaysia Political SWOT

Malaysia Economic SWOT

Malaysia Business Environment SWOT

Global Mining Outlook

Table: Rio Tinto’s Capital And Major Evaluation Projects For 2010

BMI Views

Risks To Outlook

Industry Trends And Developments


Regulatory Structure And Developments

Key Projects








Business Environment

Asia Pacific Overview

Table: Asia Pacific Mining Business Environment Ratings

Malaysia’s Mining Business Environment Ranking

Political Environment

Domestic Political Outlook

Long-Term Political Outlook

Legal Framework

Table: BMI’s Asia Pacific Legal Framework Ratings

Industry Forecast Scenario

Commodities Forecast - Copper

Table: BMI’s Copper Forecasts

Table: Copper Data And Forecasts, 2005-2011

Commodities Forecast - Aluminium

Table: BMI’s Aluminium Forecasts

Table: Aluminium Data And Forecasts, 2005-2011

Commodities Forecast - Lead

Table: BMI’s Lead Forecast

Table: Lead Data And Forecasts, 2005-2011

Malaysia’s Mining Industry Forecast

Table: Malaysia’s Mining Industry - Data And Forecasts, 2007-2014

Competitive Landscape

Table: Key Players In Malaysia’s Mining Industry

Company Monitor

Avocet Mining

Malaysia Smelting Corporation


Global Assumptions

Table: Global And Regional Real GDP Growth And Exchange Rates, 2009-2012

Table: Global Assumptions, 2008-2014

Table: Developed States’ Real GDP Growth, 2009-2012

Table: Emerging Markets’ Real GDP Growth, 2009-2012

Business Environment Ratings Methodology

Table: Mining Business Environment Indicators

Table: Weighting Of Components


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