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Malcolm Pirnie Introduces State-of-the-Art Debris Management Tool


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HaulPassTM Application Simplifies Disaster Recovery Operations

National environmental engineering and consulting firm Malcolm Pirnie, Inc. has added a powerful new tool to its disaster debris management services. HaulPass, a hand-held electronic data collection system specifically designed to manage the data associated with disaster event debris remediation activities, eliminates traditional paper load tickets and related data entry costs and simplifies associated event monitoring and accounting administration.

Starting with industry standard smart card technology, the HaulPass system uses GPS enabled Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) to manage the debris process from collection to disposal. For audit compliance, disposal sites are equipped to print hard copies of debris load tickets for drivers, contractors and applicants. Real-time data is consolidated via geographic information systems (GIS) to provide detailed graphic and tabular reporting results. This paperless approach streamlines record keeping and billing/accounting operations by making information available to applicants and haulers through a secure Internet based platform.

According to Scott Mayers, an Associate with Malcolm Pirnie, the collection of virtually all load ticket data can be automated, significantly speeding most debris operations, particularly right-of-way (ROW) clean-up. “Since the only data values that are manually entered into the system are the debris type and load call, there are a number of benefits realized by automated data capture, including reduced ticket preparation time, elimination of errors associated with the paper ticket and the minimization of fraud potential.”

For more information on the HaulPass system, contact Scott Mayers at or 813-242-7253.

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