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Malk Sustainability Partners Announces New Study Showing Supply Chain Managers at IT Companies Value Sustainability


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La Jolla, Calif. (PRWEB) November 19, 2012 -- As public pressure mounts for companies to increase transparency of their efforts pertaining to environmental sustainability and social responsibility in supply chains, managers at IT companies have turned to Sustainable Supply Chain Management (SSCM) strategies, according to a recent study released today by Malk Sustainability Partners.

More than a third of companies surveyed are addressing these issues in response to concerns from investors and customers. Close to 75 percent of respondents reported having received inquiries from customers about their SSCM practices and/or submitted such inquiries to their own vendors.

Nearly 61 percent of respondents cited social or environmental issues as their primary concern. Specific issues include: labor concerns such as human trafficking, e-waste recycling, and compliance with the conflict mineral ban instituted by Section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank Act.

“The growing call for transparency of social and environmental impacts in the supply chain creates an opportunity for executives at IT companies. It has the potential to promote supply chain resiliency, enhance business continuity, reduce costs, and earnestly address customer concerns,” said Andrew Malk, Managing Partner of Malk Sustainability Partners. “However, the complexity of Sustainable Supply Chain Management can frustrate some efforts to improve. Our study sheds light on the issues and discusses best practices and tools being used to better manage them.“

Twenty years ago the apparel industry, including industry leader Nike, was forced to identify and rectify unsustainable supply chain practices. In commenting on SSCM in IT, Tim Mohin, Director of Corporate Sustainability at Advanced Micro Devices noted that, “This is our industry’s ‘Nike moment.’ We are heading for continued upward awareness and scrutiny on supply chain behavior.”

MSP conducted this study to investigate why and how IT companies are using SSCM strategies to address sustainability concerns in their supply chains. The study is available at

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