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Manage your Bag Filter more Efficiently


PCME Ltd, leading specialist in the development, manufacture and supply of continuous particulate emission monitors for industrial processes worldwide has increased its range of Filter Leak Monitors with the introduction of the LEAK LOCATE 320 PLUS multi-compartment Bag Filter Leak Detection System.

Enabling remote observation of the condition of bag and cartridge filters via separate control unit and sensor, the LEAK LOCATE 320 PLUS is a valuable filter maintenance tool which provides high quality leak responses from multi-compartment baghouses.

Manually or automatically initiated probe check options indicating sensor contamination ensure improved data integrity, minimise false alarms and reduce maintenance requirements.  Comparison of compartment emissions, locating specific failing bag rows in each compartment and giving real time and historical filter media performance is accessible via PC-ME Dust Tools Software.

PCME’s Filter Leak Monitor range comprises both US and European approved instruments incorporating quality assurance and functionality options to meet a broad range of process optimisation, compliance and standards requ

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