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Water and leak management could be the missing link to reducing your energy bill.

In today’s current economic climate, companies are under increasing pressure to reduce their energy consumption, with very little focus spent on managing water consumption. This could be a costly mistake.

Consider the way it is used for starters, not just domestically but also in the commercial and industrial sector. Water is heated, cooled, condensed and moved around, with all these activities requiring a considerable amount of energy. Therefore, the impact of being able to monitor, measure and reduce your usage, along with ensuring the maximum effectiveness of your supply network, will not only reduce your water bill but also cut your energy demand.

Elster Metering recognises the challenges companies – both large and small – face when trying to understand their consumption whilst not massively increasing their operational costs.

With this in mind, the smart metering specialist has introduced the ‘Emeris Log’, a cost effective water meter reading SaaS solution (Software as a Service).

This innovative product enables the user to log in to a secure Elster or own branded website and remotely monitor and record their water consumption data from all meters across single or multiple sites
regardless of geographic location – all at a minimal cost.

This data can then be downloaded from the website or an automated daily report can be supplied, which can be fed into an existing BMS/energy management system or used for reporting purposes.

The Emeris logger is a small robust unit (IP68), with an integrated roaming SIM card that can be connected to any meter with a pulse output, with this data being transmitted back to the firm’s secure data
centre. Ultimately, this removes any need for companies to purchase, maintain and support additional IT infrastructure.

As well as focusing on consumption, the Emeris Log also offers alarm monitoring, including burst and leakage alarms. Not surprisingly this enables critical savings to be made by understanding the integrity of your water supply systems and ensuring the most efficient amount of water is delivered for whatever process it is intended for.

By understanding your consumption, where it is mostly used and monitoring the water network, you can quite literally stop flushing money down the drain.

Customer comments

  1. By Samia Saad on

    This is a great idea we need it badly in the Middle East where water should be managed by the drop