Managed services company Attenda announces CarbonNeutral® company accreditation


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London – Attenda Limited, the Always On Managed Services company, today announced that it has achieved CarbonNeutral® company status, which supersedes the CarbonNeutral® office accreditation it achieved in January 2009, as recognition of its initiatives to reduce total CO2 emissions.

The accreditation, awarded by The CarbonNeutral Company, demonstrates Attenda’s continued commitment to the proactive management and effective control of the environmental impact of all of its business activities. Through significant investment in virtualisation technologies, Attenda has evolved energy efficient and environmentally responsible data centres, with highly available, scalable, on demand cloud infrastructures. First initiated in 2007, this virtualisation strategy has enabled a substantial increase in server deployments, over 800 servers during 2009, whilst maintaining the same level of power consumption as in the previous twelve months.

Attenda has seen a growing demand for its Cloud Computing platform, Attenda RTI, from both existing and new clients, not only for its increased availability and agility, but also because it is more efficient and reduces IT operating costs.

Commenting on the latest CarbonNeutral® company accreditation, Simon Hansford, VP Service Strategy, Attenda says, “Through the wider adoption of virtualisation technologies, we have been able to become more energy efficient which has helped to control costs, whilst developing a highly flexible Cloud Computing platform from which we can rapidly scale to meet our clients’ changing business needs.”

The Attenda CarbonNeutral® hosting programme, launched in 2009, enables clients to measure and reduce the CO2 emissions, produced by their infrastructure hosted within the Attenda data centre environment, to net zero. Additionally, there is a continuous programme of internal changes including the expansion of a comprehensive recycling programme and energy efficient lighting. Attenda has revised its procurement process to encourage suppliers to reduce their carbon footprints and achieve CarbonNeutral® status. The remaining carbon footprint that cannot be reduced through business and technology change is offset through The CarbonNeutral Company, to achieve a net zero CO2 emissions rating.

Hansford concludes, “Our clients can take immediate advantage of an internationally recognised certification mark that provides a clear and recognisable sign to demonstrate action against climate change, and as our data centre and internal emissions continue to drop, we will need to buy less carbon credits to maintain net zero CO2 emissions.”

Rebecca Fay, Marketing Director, The CarbonNeutral Company said, “We would like to congratulate Attenda as they continue to lead the IT and managed service industries. Not only has Attenda continually reduced its own carbon footprint through introducing environmental initiatives but it enables its customers to reduce their hosting emissions through a simple but effective CarbonNeutral® programme.”

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