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Climate change has become an issue of critical importance to business. Many companies are seeking to manage their exposure to climate risks and realize the growing opportunities through developing a carbon management strategy.

One of the challenges in implementing this strategy is how to determine the competency of staff and/or consultants engaged to compile GHG inventories. Another is how to evaluate the credentials of staff and consultants who provide GHG professional services. Who is qualified to quantify and verify GHG reports?

A certified GHG Quantifier mitigates these concerns by engaging professionals who have earned a personnel certification to a program that has been developed through an impartial, independent and industry-supported process. These professional credentials validate that an individual has the knowledge, skills and competencies to reduce an organization’s carbon footprint.

By employing ISO 14064-1 for determining GHG emission boundaries, quantifying an organization’s GHG emissions and in identifying specific company actions or activities aimed at improving GHG management, the learner will gain the knowledge to reduce your company’s carbon footprint.

The University of Toronto’s Certificate in GHG Inventory, Accounting and Reporting is a 2-day course which includes the requirements of inventory quantification, quality management and reporting, and is based on key protocols and standards such as the World Resources Institute / World Business Council on Sustainable Development’s Greenhouse Gas Protocol.

This course is approved by CSA as a designated preparatory course to the internationally recognized CSA Standards GHG Inventory Quantifier (GHG-IQ) examination. The University of Toronto’s School of the Environment is the only academic institution world-wide which has this designation.

In this course you will review all examination topics and will reinforce the fundamentals of planning, calculating, managing and reporting GHG inventories through practical examples.

No Pre-requisite is required and you need not have an environmental background to take this course. Your in-class experience will be supplemented with required and recommended reading prior to the start of the course.

Attendees who successfully complete the CSA exam will receive GHG Inventory Quantifier Certification. A Certificate of Completion from the University of Toronto is issued on completion of this course.

CSA Standards is a leading North American developer of standards, codes and personnel certification programs. All of CSA Standards’ GHG Management certifications have been developed and are operated and maintained under the structure of the international standard for development of personnel certification programs – ISO 17024.

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