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Managing Project Reference Documents Efficiently and Effectively


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ESdat provides simple, accessible functionality to manage a variety of project documents.
Contaminated land projects (such as Phase 1 Site History Investigations) often require desktop review of a range of document types, such as:

  • Historical aerial images
  • Previous reports
  • Title & municipal records
  • Interview notes & inspection photographs
  • Geological and hydrogeological references

Effective, centralised management of these documents can save valuable time.
ESdat provides the ability to manage the storage of these documents at a project level (i.e. unique to each project database).
The Access version of ESdat stores hyperlinks to locally saved documents in a single Data Table, together with relevant document metadata.
The SQL version of ESdat allows storage of documents either within the database or as a hyperlink, also with relevant document metadata.

Both versions allow documents to be opened directly from ESdat.
If the project proceeds to the next phase (for example a soil and groundwater investigation), your field and analytical data can then be retained in the same project within ESdat.
Spend less time looking FOR your documents and more time looking AT your documents!

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