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'CSR-Toolkit' supports businesses in professionalising theirCorporate Social Responsibility activities and helps save time and money

VIENNA - For many businesses CSR measures already count as a central feature of a responsible and lasting business culture. By means of an, up until now unique software, they are able to structure their existing CSR management as well as simplify the collecting of data for their reporting. Also the introduction of the new ISO 26000, an international standard for the social responsibility of organisations to be launched on November 1st, 2010, can be prepared with it.

'We developed this software in order that businesses can make a comprehensive analysis of their own CSR activities. It is a kind of roadmap for the conversion to a professional CSR strategy', so Martin Neureiter, internationally acclaimed CSR pioneer, one of the chairmen of the international ISO work group and author of “CSR-Toolkit”.

The 'One-click-Report' makes possible the correct report for the United Nations Global Compact and also simplifies the reporting for the long-term bulletins. 'The software saves time and money in business and makes easier the structuring of CSR activities', Neureiter explains.

“CSR-Toolkit” is based on the Key-Performance-Indicators of the GRI and makes easier the collection of data for reporting. It can be employed by businesses that are already active in the CSR field, but also serves newcomers place their first structured steps. CSR managers, with the help of the software can establish for themselves the CSR status of their business and from that take the correct steps to follow. Supporting functions such as chart positions for internal presentations or coaching in the fields of stakeholder engagement and communication set an increase in value for every business working responsibly.

The CSR-Toolkit is available as a download on www.csr-toolkit.com or on a CD-Rom costing 499, - Euro. A demo version can be found on the website. At present in English and Romanian version – the German version will be available soon. Other languages will follow..

About Martin Neureiter:

Martin Neureiter is the author of 'Handbook of Corporate Citizenship - Corporate Social Responsibility for Managers', published in 2008 by Springer Verlag. He teaches CSR Management at Boston College, USA, and in St. Gallen, Switzerland, is keynote speaker at international CSR congresses, initiator and academic director of the course for CSR Management at the Advanced Technical College of bfi-Vienna. He is Chief Executive Officer of the CSR-Company and gives advice on CSR questions world-wide to large concerns as well as governments.


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