Managing Waste Water in Farming – Horizontal and Vertical Storage Tanks



Four areas throughout the UK are deemed to have unfit water quality levels, according to Farming Life, and as a result, the UK is being taken to court by the European Commission for failing to ensure that waste water from towns, cities and villages is treated properly. The case itself relates to 17 areas where the collection and treatment of waste water from homes, industry and rainwater is not adequate or does not meet standards set where water ends up in sensitive areas, such as lakes and estuaries.

Across four main areas water is said to be inadequate, while in Gibraltar, there is no treatment plant at all. A further ten areas see waste water discharged into freshwater sites and estuaries, and existing treatment processes do not meet the stringent standards set for sensitive areas.

A spokesperson from Defra addressed Farming Life; “It is encouraging that 98 per cent of waste water plants are now of good standard and we are working hard to improve the rest. Working with water companies, we have secured £13.5 billion to improve infrastructure and are confident that we will be able to make the necessary improvements to get all treatment plants to EU standard by 2016”.

The methods farmers use to manage and store chemicals and process wastewater are all going to have an impact on water quality. Enduramaxx provides farmers with a range of rugged storage tanks that ensure chemicals and waste water do not find their way into the water supply. Our dedicated cone bottom tanks enable farmers to separate impurities from water and other liquids, thanks to their cone bottom design with full drainage capabilities.

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