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Manchester International Airport - Protoc TOC installations


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Manchester Airport uses Protoc analyser technology

November 2016 -- Manchester Airport Group (MAG) has placed a significant purchase order with Pollution & Process Monitoring Ltd., for the supply of water quality instrumentation. 

The latest purchase of Protoc TOC analysers reaffirms MAG’s commitment to continuous environmental monitoring and further strengthens the close working relationship with PPM, who manufactures their analysers in theUnited Kingdom.

Mark Stewart (Environment Engineer) comments “PPM has a proven track record atManchesterAirportover the last 14 years. The reliability of their Protoc TOC technology and the quality of their service support, were key considerations. I am delighted that the Airport took note of these factors when placing the latest order since the Protoc technology and the quality of PPM’s customer service is integral to our environmental compliance.In addition we are standardising our instrumentation across the site reducing our operational maintenance cost”. 

Whilst alternative instrumentation has been considered and previously used at the Airport, the Protoc technology has reliably outperformed over an extended period of time. Additionally, since the Protoc TOC analyser technology measures continuously with a fast response rather than intermittently, the instruments are ideal for real-time valve control. Pollution & Process Monitoring also has a wealth of experience in providing the complete system rather than just the analytical instrument.

Mark has therefore commended PPM on their ability to deliver and engineer complete monitoring system which include sample delivery and preparation systems designed for the application. Mark also acknowledges “the ability of PPM to attend site to perform routine maintenance and schedule analyser reagents delivery, has also improved operational performance and minimised operator intervention”.

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