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Manchester uni students boost recycling


Source: Materials Recycling Week

A pilot Manchester City Council scheme encouraging students to recycle their rubbish before leaving their homes has seen tonnes of waste being re-used or recycled.

Extra collections and information packs went to student areas across south Manchester throughout May and June, during the pilot. It meant that 10 tonnes of paper, card and glass were sent for recycling and 50 bags of textiles were given to charities.

The council worked with Manchester Metropolitan University and the University of Manchester, encouraging students to donate old household items to their universities.

“Students are a valuable asset to Manchester, but it’s important that we can work with them to help them contribute to the city’s recycling drive.

“This campaign will continue next year, and while I am impressed by the levels of recycling, I would like to throw a challenge to Manchester students to do even better next year.”

The city council plans to develop the scheme by meeting students and giving them information about recycling services as they arrive in new homes in September.

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